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This Homemade iPhone Stamp Makes On The Go UI Sketching A Breeze

The folks at Studio Neat, creators of the CosmonautGlif, and Glif+, have thought up a way of making on the go iPhone UI sketching quicker and easier. Through creating a life-size iPhone 5 ink stamp, it's possible to print a decent smartphone outline on any given piece of paper in seconds. Though an iPhone stamp isn't going to be Studio Neat's next product, the company has provided instructions on making such a smartphone ink stamp online at its blog, The Russians Used a Pencil. Essentially, app developers will need to have an iPhone-sized rubber stamp custom made, and this will cost around $35. Fortunately, however, Studio Neat has provided a PDF outline of the iPhone stamp needed, which can be downloaded via its website. The price of the stamp, plus the $15 cost of a large ink pad, means the homemade iPhone 5 stamp will set you back a total of approximately $50. Despite the cost, this is a great idea, and one that creative iPhone app developers will surely appreciate. For further information on Studio Neat's homemade iPhone 5 stamp, head over to the company's blog.