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This Week In Accessories: An Inexpensive Bluetooth Speaker And More

This Week In Accessories: An Inexpensive Bluetooth Speaker And More

April 19, 2013
Welcome back to This Week in Accessories. This week, we're highlighting two inexpensive companions for your iOS device and an interesting new battery case.

foundIT from Scosche

Using low-energy Bluetooth technology, foundIT from Scosche can help you keep track of pretty much anything like a purse, keys, or even a car up to 100 feet away. Pairing with the free foundIT app in the App Store, users can also receive alerts when valuables travel outside of a predefined range. Shipping with a pair of locators, foundIT can be purchased for $49.95 directly from Scosche’s site. It is only compatible with the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

Defender Series with iON Intelligence from OtterBox

OtterBox’s new Defender Series with iON Intelligence takes the company’s iconic protective case and adds a lithium ion battery that doubles the capacity of an iPhone 4/4S. Probably the standout feature of the case is its automatic charging capability. Once the phone drops below 60 percent power, the case will immediately charge the device until it reaches 100 percent. An interactive app also allows users to monitor the state of the phone and case while predicting the amount of battery life left in both. Ten LED lights also give a visual cue of how much charge is left in the case. The case, which comes with a micro-USB cable for charging, is available for $129.95 directly from OtterBox’s site. No word on when a version for the iPhone 5 will be introduced.

Kinivo BTX350

Kinivo has introduced a nice looking, low-cost Bluetooth speaker. The BTX350 measures in at 8 inches wide by 3 inches high and boasts a Class-D amplifier to provide high-output sound performance. The interchangeable battery provides up to five hours of play on a single charge. Users can also pack spare cells to extend the listening experience. The BTX350 can be ordered from for $39.99.

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