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Today's Best Apps: Benji Bananas HD, MARS Finder And Gifstory

Today's Best Apps: Benji Bananas HD, MARS Finder And Gifstory

April 15, 2013
The App Store takes delivery of hundreds of new apps per day. The overwhelming scene makes it possible to easily overlook an exciting game, valuable productivity suite, etc. However, we have a solution. Today’s Best Apps tackles this problem by providing you with a handpicked and tested list of apps that are truly worth your consideration each and everyday.


Gifstory by Ultralab Apps (Free, 12.6 MB): Very similar to Vine, but in a silent movie kind of way, this social-networking app allows you to share great moments through up to 4-second animated GIF images. Construction of the animation is done through selective recordings using an simple tap and hold control. Once captured, you're allowed to apply one of 12 filters, and then send it via email or post it to Twitter and Facebook. In addition, the app makes it easy to browse, comment on, and "like" other users' submissions.


Benji Bananas HD by Fingersoft (Free, 41.1 MB): Help Benji the monkey harvest bananas and other tasty jungle treasures in this action-packed and fast-paced endless side-scroller. As one could reasonably expect, Benji is a very skilled rope swinger, so it won't be too tough to succeed. Your task is choosing which ropes and how long the little monkey hangs on for using a simple tap and hold. Obviously, the plan is to collect yummy fruits as long as possible by avoiding the hostile creatures on land and water as well as a few in the trees. Even though Benji is very talented, the objective can be made even easier by trading some of the fruit for power-ups. The game features cartoon-style graphics, single finger control, various sceneries, Game Center leaderboards, and does contain an ad banner within menus.


MARS Finder by AIRvision (Free, 33.7 MB): In this edutaining side-scroller, you control the Curiosity rover on a journey to uncover the amazing past of the Red Planet. During the mission, there will be nearly two dozen locations to investigate, plus many hazards to avoid. Thankfully, the rover has been equipped with useful tools, such as thrusters and a high intensity laser. Operation may be tricky at times, but patience and intelligent reactions will guarantee a success. The app features simple 3-D graphics, 19 sample locations, links to official in-depth descriptions, as well as controls for movement, cameras, and laser.

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