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Tumblr For iOS Gains New Sharing Feature, Read-Later Integration And More

Tumblr For iOS Gains New Sharing Feature, Read-Later Integration And More

April 25, 2013
Tumblr for iOS has recently received a neat update that lets you do more than just reblog when you find something you like in your Tumblr dashboard. In the newly updated Tumblr for iOS, each post on the dashboard is now accompanied by a share button, in addition to its reblog and like buttons. The new share button lets you share posts via Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, or email (using a new email template to boot). It also lets you copy the links to posts or open them in Safari or Chrome. Furthermore, Tumblr's new sharing function allows you to save posts for later using Instapaper and Pocket. But before you can do so, you must first enable these services in the app's settings section. The latest update to Tumblr for iOS also adds support for flinging a photo up or down to close it. The update also alphabetizes the Following list and makes it searchable too. In addition, Tumblr for iOS now animates GIFs even while scrolling. This enhancement, though, is applicable to the following devices only: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, fifth-generation iPod touch, iPad 2, third-generation iPad, fourth-generation iPad, and iPad mini. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and iPad mini running iOS 5.0 or later, Tumblr for iOS is available in the App Store for free. Released way back in February 2009, Tumblr for iOS was optimized for iPhone and iPod touch only. That is, until December 2012, when the app was finally made universal and natively compatible with iPad. Originally an ad-free app, Tumblr for iOS began displaying mobile ads just a few days ago. Of course, the official Tumblr app is not the only Tumblr app on iOS. There are also a number of third-party Tumblr apps for iOS, some of which you can check out in our Tumblr Apps for the iPhone and Tumblr Apps for the iPad AppGuides. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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