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Wacom’s New Bamboo Stylus Mini Is Less Than Two Inches Long

Wacom has taken a shrink ray to its popular capacitive stylus. The recently unveiled Bamboo Stylus mini measures in at only 1.85 inches long. Made of a brass metal body and coated with soft-touch rubber, the mini looks very much like its big brother, the Bamboo Stylus. A nice advantage of the mini is its interchangeable tips. Users can purchase firm or soft versions from Wacom to better personalize their writing experience. But probably the standout feature of the mini is how it attaches to your phone or tablet. To make sure that you never lose the smaller stylus, a dummy plug can be inserted into the headphone jack of your device. Available in five colors – black, white, red, green, blue, and pink – the stylus can be ordered directly from Wacom for $19. While I like the look of the stylus, I think it would be hard using something so small on a regular basis. The Cosmonaut has been my go-to stylus for more than a year, and I still have yet to find anything that matches the experience.