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Zynga's Draw Something 2 Now Available In Canada

Zynga's Draw Something 2 Now Available In Canada

April 16, 2013
Late last month, Draw Something 2, the sequel to OMGPOP's hit social drawing guessing game, finally launched in the App Store. Only in the Swedish App Store, that is. But now, the game has been sighted elsewhere. Nope, Draw Something 2 is not yet available globally. It is, however, now available in another country's App Store: the Canadian App Store. As explained by our source at Zynga, which acquired OMGPOP in March last year, Draw Something 2 was first released in Sweden since it was there where the original game first reached the top of the App Store charts. Our source added that Draw Something 2 would be released globally "soon." For the time being, Zynga has released the game in Canada, where it usually holds soft launches for its new games ahead of their global rollout. So, if you have access to a Canadian iTunes account, you can now download Draw Something 2 in the Canadian App Store for $2.99. A free version called Draw Something 2 Free is also available. Draw Something 2 features new tools, patterns, stamps, and colors, plus a new social feed and gallery. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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