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A New iOS 7 Concept Lets You Decide Whether To Go Flat Or Not

A New iOS 7 Concept Lets You Decide Whether To Go Flat Or Not

May 17, 2013
We’ve seen a number of interesting iOS 7 concepts in recent months. However, a new one from designer Ran Avni is perhaps the most original to date. We’ve often heard that Jony Ive plans on dismantling the skeuomorphic design of past iOS versions. In fact, we've heard that iOS 7 will be "a sweeping software overhaul." As a result, the Apple guru is said to be developing a much flatter design in the mobile operating system that will likely be demoed at next month's Worldwide Developers Conference. But what if could have your cake and eat too? In other words, be able to switch between Ive's flat design and the one made famous by Scott Forstall, the former head of iOS? You can with Avni's "iFlat" concept. Here, it is the user who decides whether to go flat or not. Take a look:

There is a zero percent chance that Apple would actually release a product like the one shown here. We're talking about Apple here, after all, a company that prides itself on remaining in control of everything it creates.  Nonetheless, I find it to be an interesting concept. What say you? Do you want Apple to give iOS users this type of control, or should they leave that to the jailbreakers? See also: New Budget iPhone Concept Uses Flat iOS 7 Design, and The AppAdvice Week In Review: The Many Faces Of Apple's iOS 7 Edition.

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