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The AppAdvice Week In Review: The Many Faces Of Apple's iOS 7 Edition

The AppAdvice Week In Review: The Many Faces Of Apple's iOS 7 Edition

May 12, 2013
The winter of gloom is definitely over. In many parts of the world, snow and ice have been replaced by tulips. More importantly, in the world of Apple, things are definitely looking up. In the coming weeks, we’re going to have a better idea of what Cupertino has planned for this summer, and the upcoming holiday season. No matter what Apple’s plans are for the final seven months of 2013, one thing is certain: when it comes to mobile devices, everything begins and ends with iOS 7. With this in mind, this week we take a look at some of the exciting iOS 7 concepts now making a splash online. Which ones are your favorites?

The Apple loves Yahoo concept

One of the newest concepts released, this one by emphasizes an improved Lock screen, and Notification Center. It also includes “one more thing:” the popular Yahoo Weather app as iOS 7's default forecast app. The video is presented here.

The iOS is OS X concept

In recent years, Apple has brought a number of iOS features to OS X. Here, designer F. Bianco goes in the opposite direction. Take a look:

As you can see, Bianco’s concept includes a new take on widgets, and also brings OS X Mission Control to iOS. In addition, it includes different Download and Shelf features.

The Clock App refresh concept

Rafael Justino's concept is said to be based “on the simple design of Jonathan Ive and many other concepts and rumors about iOS 7.” Overall, I like Justino’s concept. In particular, his Notification Center concept is just fabulous in my humble opinion. However, he does seem to spend way too much time on redesigning the Clock app. Nonetheless, job well done. See the video by clicking here.

The "Who is Scott Forstall?" Concept

This concept is perhaps the most radical of all iOS 7 designs. Created by Simple Zesty, this one takes Apple's skeuomorphic design long favored by former iOS head Scott Forstall and sticks a virtual fork in it. Here is the video:

Some may argue that this design goes a little bit too far in terms of change. However, can you honestly tell me its widget design doesn't make you drool?

The subtle change concept

Finally, for those folks that hope iOS 7 isn't a complete refresh, I present one of the first concepts to find a home on the Web. Created by iPhoneSoft, this design includes a new so-called Widgets Zone at the top of the home screen. Included here are favorite apps, toggles, my messages, iPod controls, and more. The design's Apps Zone, by contrast, no longer includes a dock. The zone, at least on the iPhone, reverts back to the traditional 4-by-4 app icon layout. To see the video, click here. We'll post more iOS 7 concepts as we find them. Apple is expected to demo the official version of iOS 7 at next month's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, Calif.

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My Favorite App Right Now

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Today is a special day in the U.S. To my mom, and to all of the others, I say, Happy Mother's Day!

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