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Could Apple Initially Choose To 'Test' Its Low-Cost iPhone In Small Volumes?

Could Apple Initially Choose To 'Test' Its Low-Cost iPhone In Small Volumes?

May 3, 2013
According to a new report, Apple may be planning on launching its anticipated low-cost iPhone handset with initial quarterly shipments of just 2.5-3 million units, in an attempt to "test" market response before increasing production. The news comes in a report from DigiTimes:
Speculation currently circulating in the iPhone supply chain in Taiwan indicate that Apple plans to launch an inexpensive model targeting emerging markets with initial quarterly shipments of only 2.5-3.0 million units to test market response.
Rumors concerning a "budget" iPhone handset have been circulating for some time, with recent analysis indicating that the anticipated smartphone may launch with a polycarbonate body, and that such a product could capture 11 percent of the low-cost handset market by 2014. However, while DigiTimes' report indeed reiterates the above, the suggestion that Apple will initially choose to "test market response" with a small volume of units is curious and, in our opinion, unlikely. Namely, such a maneuver would be markedly out of character for Apple, a company that typically carries out an intense level of research before launching a new product. If Apple is indeed going to release a low-cost iPhone model, you can be sure that the company has done its homework and is certain that the budget smartphone will sell. What do you think? We'll keep you updated with further information as we receive it. For additional news concerning Apple's low-cost iPhone, see: Apple's Budget iPhone Could Grab 11 Percent Of Low-Cost Market By 2014,  The Budget iPhone To Come In Multiple Colors And Have A 4-Inch Screen Says Analyst, and As Talk Of A Lower Priced iPhone Takes Hold, Some Questions.

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