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Cydia Tweak: Stopwatch For Velox Makes The Great Tweak Even Better

Cydia Tweak: Stopwatch For Velox Makes The Great Tweak Even Better

May 6, 2013
Just recently, we told you about Velox, an impressive jailbreak tweak that takes Apple's app folder concept and develops it in a fun, interesting, and useful way. Now, a new package has appeared in the Cydia Store, which allows Velox users to add a "stopwatch folder" to the built-in Clock app. As a reminder, here's how we described Velox in our original article:
Velox adds folder-like features to your app icons and enhances those folders with notifications and app accessibility. If you swipe over a supported app, it will open up like a standard iOS folder to reveal app-specific features that you can interact with. Right out of the box, many of your favorite stock iOS apps have been given the Velox treatment.
Once installed, Stopwatch for Velox allows Velox users to access the Clock app's stopwatch feature from their Home screen, via the application's icon (as pictured above). The tweak thereby makes it easy for users to quickly start up their iDevice's stopwatch, since it allows jailbreakers to access the feature without having to launch the Clock app in full. If you're interested, visit the Cydia Store and check out Stopwatch for Velox. Below, we've embedded our video walkthrough of the Velox jailbreak tweak.

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

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