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Elements Developer Teases New App Using Apple's Passbook

Elements Developer Teases New App Using Apple's Passbook

May 30, 2013
Second Gear, the developer responsible for the impressive Markdown editor Elements, has a new app in the works. Rather than simply announcing the application online, however, Second Gear has created a dedicated Passbook pass for its forthcoming application (pictured above), which will allow the developer to push updates concerning the upcoming app to an iPhone or iPod touch. Called "Pit Pass," the new pass features a minimalist design and displays the text, "Coming Soon," at its center. Behind the Passbook pass, users have the option of disabling its all-important "Automatic Updates," and Second Gear explains:
We're just getting started unwrapping our new app. With this Pit Pass, you'll be the first to know the details.
You can add Pit Pass to Passbook on your iPhone or iPod touch by visiting its dedicated website on either the iDevice in question, or an iCloud-connected computer. It's clear that Second Gear has implemented an excellent, previously unexplored mode of using Passbook with its Pit Pass, and with any luck further iOS developers will follow suit and do the same. We'll let you know if further news concerning Second Gear's forthcoming app hits the Web - though if you have Pit Pass installed on your iPhone or iPod touch, you'll receive updates from the developer the same time we do! See also: Connect With Your Friends By Playing Dots, Now With iPad And Multiplayer SupportObjection Overruled! Capcom Launches Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD, and EU Apple Stores To Sell iPhone-Compatible "Chip And PIN" Card Reader.

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