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First Video Of Apple's New iPod touch Hits The Web

First Video Of Apple's New iPod touch Hits The Web

May 31, 2013
Apple launched an iSight-less fifth-generation iPod touch (16GB) in the Apple Online Store on Thursday, May 30, which is available to purchase in place of the fourth-gen model for $229. Now, a slideshow video of the new iPod has surfaced online, and provides fans with a visual overview of the less expensive fifth-gen model. Here's the video, via CinemaTech:

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

The new iPod touch is available to purchase now in the Apple Online Store, and U.S. customers can enjoy free 24-hour shipping on the item. How do you like the modified fifth-gen iPod touch? For further news, see: Apple Chastises TransMedia CEO At Odds With Cupertino's IdeologyReport: Apple's Two-Step Authentication Doesn't Protect iCloud Data, and Apple Increases iPad, iPod Pricing In Its Japanese Online Store.

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