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Forget The Fitbit Flex, A New Nike+ FuelBand Could Launch Soon

Forget The Fitbit Flex, A New Nike+ FuelBand Could Launch Soon

May 6, 2013
It has become a busy day for fitness news. Just hours after the Fitbit Flex launched, we’ve heard some news about the next Nike+ FuelBand. According to GearLive, the second generation wristband will include a heart rate/pulse monitor, Bluetooth 4.0 support, and more. First launched in Feb. 2012, the Nike+ FuelBand competes with the Jawbone UP, Basis Watch, and the previously mentioned Fitbit Flex. Priced at $149, the band was originally only available in black. Later, Nike released two new models, black ice, and white ice. Each works with the free Nike+ FuelBand app for iOS. GearLive contends that the second Nike+ FuelBand will include a handful of new features and tracking metrics. Additionally, the Nike+ API is supposed to be “a bit more robust as well,” so that developers can better tap into a users’ tracking data. With the update, developers will also be able to access the FuelBand’s accelerometer data and integrate this information into third-party apps. As GearLive notes, this “doesn't just have to be about fitness, either. Imagine playing a driving game while wearing the FuelBand, and turning an imaginary steering wheel in mid-air while the game captures that data and applies it.” Other new features include a display that responds faster to button presses, and the ability to check the battery life of the FuelBand directly on the device. There is no word on when Nike will unveil the second-generation Nike+ FuelBand. However, given today’s launch of the Fitbit Flex, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Nike make a move very soon. As usual, we'll keep you updated. See also: Jawbone's UP Fitness Band Now Works With 10 More Apps As New Platform Launches, and Fuel Your Fitness Goals With The Nike+ FuelBand iOS App's New Social Features.

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