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Hacked Carrier Update Offers Verizon Users The Option Of Higher Cellular Speeds

Hacked Carrier Update Offers Verizon Users The Option Of Higher Cellular Speeds

May 30, 2013
Following the launch of hacked carrier updates for both T-Mobile- and AT&T-powered iPhone handsets, one new method (which can be applied to a jailbreak-free handset) offers Verizon iPhone users the option of increasing cellular download speeds on their smartphone. The developer explains:
This hack enables 1x Advanced and EVDO Rev. B on the iPhone 5 and iPad 3, 4, and mini as well as enhancing LTE data speeds. Though Verizon is limited to EVDO Rev. A, the device itself becomes more open to an increased amount of bandwidth thus allowing for better throughput of data and data connection. Throttling code was put in place to limit users to a certain amount of bandwidth on 3G and LTE but will now have a better opportunity for some faster speeds. This won't increase signal so don't expect it to like the AT&T version of this hack.
Of course, cellular download speeds depend on a number of factors including cell tower location, population density, and more, and as such this hack cannot promise a definite improvement for users. However, if you're displeased with the standard currently offered by Verizon, it could be that the above method can help you out. For a full list of instructions, please visit iTweakiOS. As always, proceed with caution, and remember to back up your iPhone in iTunes before hacking its carrier update files! See also: JailbreakCon 2013 Speakers And Schedule AnnouncedThere Are Plenty Of Dungeons To Crawl And Orcs To Slay In Warhammer Quest, and Apple's Share Of The Digital Media Receiver Market Stands At 71 Percent.

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