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Twitter Update Brings Revamped User Interface, New Tweet Composer

Twitter’s official iOS app has just been updated to add a slate of new features to the iPhone version. In version 5.7, the new tweet composer makes sharing photos even easier while allowing users to preview how a tweet will look in a timeline. And at least in the iPhone version, the UI of the app has been revamped to make it look much cleaner than previous versions. Probably the nicest feature of the new UI is the wider timeline in all parts of the app. Along with improvements and bug fixes to the list function, the updated app can also send you a push notification when a friend joins the social networking service. Twitter is a universal app designed for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad/iPad mini. It can be downloaded in the App Store now for free. Earlier this month, the app also received a substantial update. Version 5.6 brought the ability to view trends in hundreds of locations around the globe and improved playback of videos from the Vine social network. Even the long-suffering Mac client was also finally updated in late April with Retina display support and other improvements.
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