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Updated: Video Purportedly Shows What The 'iPad 5' Will Look Like

Updated: Video Purportedly Shows What The 'iPad 5' Will Look Like

May 30, 2013
Please read update below. There is further indication that the fifth-generation iPad will take on a look similar to the iPad mini. Vietnamese-language site has posted a new video featuring cases purportedly designed for Apple’s next tablet. Take a look:

As you can see, the cases are for an iPad model that has a smaller width thanks to thinner bezels. In addition, it appears that the device's height has been reduced a little bit. Also take note that there is room for a centered rear microphone. Last month, it was reported that the next iPad would be 15 percent thinner, and 25 percent lighter than the current model. This video seems to confirm this. As AppleInsider first noted, has been a very reliable source in recent years. In 2010, they successfully previewed a MacBook that arrived later that year. In 2012, they got their hands on a third-generation iPad before it was released to the public.

The look of the iPad has changed little since the second generation model was released in 2011. Therefore, a significant reboot is largely expected. Apple will likely launch the next iPad in August or September alongside the second-generation iPad mini. See also: The WWDC Keynote Should Reveal New Macs, But Not New iOS Devices, and The Next iPad: The iPad mini Only Larger. Update: As you can see, since this article was first published, the video mentioned has been changed to "private" by its publisher. We are researching this and will update this post as warranted. The fact that the video is now hidden from the public is curious to say the least.

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