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Virgin Mobile Offers 15 Percent Discount On Prepaid iPhone 4, iPhone 4S

Virgin Mobile USA is offering customers a 15 percent discount on prepaid iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S handsets, in a Web-exclusive offer that first went live on Thursday, May 16, 2013. According to AppleInsider, the discount applies to both the 8GB iPhone 4 and the 16GB iPhone 4S, and will be available "while supplies last." With the 15 percent discount applied, customers will be able to purchase the off-contract handsets for $297 (8GB iPhone 4) and $382 (16GB iPhone 4S). The carrier's prepaid iPhone first launched in June 2012, originally offering the 8GB iPhone 4 for an up-front cost of $549, and the 16GB iPhone 4S for $649. Since, the launch of Apple's iPhone 5, and the anticipated launch of the iPhone 5S, has naturally pushed prices for the fourth- and fifth-generation smartphones down. Virgin's offer comes amidst a number of further iPhone deals available in the United States. While Verizon is offering a select number of basic handset owners the option of upgrading to the iPhone 5 for just $99, AT&T is allowing customers to secure a free iPhone 5 when subscribers trade in their old iPhone 4S. Are you planning on taking advantage of Virgin Mobile's offer, or are you holding out for the iPhone 5S?
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