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Wonderful iPhone Calendar App Fantastical Continues To Improve With A Recent Update

Wonderful iPhone Calendar App Fantastical Continues To Improve With A Recent Update

May 13, 2013
My Monday has just gotten a little better. One of my most indispensable iPhone apps, Fantastical, has just received a nice new update. Version 1.1.2 of the calendar app is highlighted by the ability to duplicate events from read-only calendars to writeable calendars. Users can also take advantage of the new 45 minute selection option in the default event duration settings. Canceled events now appear crossed out in the events list, which should make reading a calendar even easier. Finally, the update fixes a problem where some events would appear incorrectly when changing time zones and where an all day event’s alert wouldn’t get set correctly on an Exchange calendar. Made for the iPhone/iPod touch but compatible with the iPad, Fantastical can be downloaded in the App Store now for $4.99. While that might be a little more than other competing apps, I can tell you from experience that it is definitely worth the cost. Fantastical hit the App Store in late November. Our own Christine Chan was quickly taken with the app, saying in her original review that it easily blew other apps, including Apple's stock calendar, out of the water. After easily winning our AppAdvice App of the Week award shortly after its release, Fantastical was also named one of our 10 Best Paid iPhone Apps of 2012. With an update in March, the app gained better handling of invitations for recurring events, smoother interaction with other apps, and a slate of other goodies.

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