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Apple Updates Its Site With Information From WWDC Keynote

After the completion of the WWDC 2013 keynote, Apple has unveiled a major update to its site. Along with video of the keynote, the homepage features six new sections. Most prominently featured is iOS 7, which Apple CEO Tim Cook called the largest change since the original iPhone. Next is a section highlighting the newest version of OS X. Also known as Mavericks, OS X 10.9 will feature Apple’s own mapping software, a revamped Safari app, iCloud Keychain, and more. The beautiful, new Mac Pro also gets its own section. Coming later this year, the Pro machine is sporting a brand new look and is anchored by a 12-core Intel Xeon processor. It will also be completely assembled in the United States. Another new piece of Mac hardware also gets its own section. The updated MacBook Airs feature Intel Haswell processors and boast improved battery life. Apple has also unveiled a new television advertisement. Called “Designed in California,” the spot touches on Apple as a company. Finally, you can read a little more about iTunes Radio. The completely free streaming radio service will be available on all iOS devices, along with the Mac and PC.
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