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Behold Apple's Newly Installed In-Store iPhone 5 Screen Repair Machine

Yesterday, we told you that Apple has begun offering an in-store iPhone 5 screen repair service priced at $149. In line with this, the company has started installing new equipment inside Apple retail stores to facilitate the service. Specifically, as noted by MacRumors, Apple has set up new equipment in its stores to aid Geniuses in calibrating replacement iPhone 5 screens. And you can take a gander at one of the curious-looking calibration machines in the photo above, courtesy of 512 Pixels. "From what I’ve heard, Apple Stores have been instructed that the iPhone is the 'top priority' for the Genius Bar, and this new repair and crazy machine surely reflect that," says Stephen Hackett of 512 Pixels. "In addition to the program changes, many stores have Geniuses that are dedicated to iPhone repairs for sections of their shifts. In short, Apple is pouring resources in to in-store iPhone repairs." Apple expects to save as much as $1 billion per year with its extended in-store repair service. Under the service, customers can have their iPhone 5's screen replaced in-store for a one-off payment of $149. The service is open to both AppleCare+ and non-AppleCare+ customers. Apple is said to bring more significant changes to its AppleCare hardware warranty and support service this fall. These include a revamped subscription-based model and 24/7 support.
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