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Apple Now Offering In-Store iPhone 5 Screen Repairs For $149

Apple Now Offering In-Store iPhone 5 Screen Repairs For $149

June 4, 2013
Amid rumors claiming that radical changes are to be made to Apple's AppleCare service, the company has reportedly started offering an in-store iPhone 5 screen repair service priced at $149. Last month, Apple held a Town Hall meeting, at which the company unveiled plans to launch an extended in-store repair service in an attempt to save some $1 billion per year. While such changes were expected to come into effect in fall, however, MacRumors reports that a revamped iPhone 5 repair service launched in Apple Retail Stores yesterday. The new system is said to allow customers to have their smartphone's screen replaced in-store for a one-off payment of $149, and is available to both AppleCare+ and non-AppleCare+ customers:
MacRumors heard from a tipster this morning that the new repair policy had been implemented and the changes have since been confirmed in a forum postfrom iPhone repair site Quick iFix. The repairs are available for cracked displays as well as screens that experience multitouch issues.
Quick iFix Smartphones presently offers iPhone 5 screen repairs for $139.99, though up until last month the website charged a higher fee of $174.99. As such, Apple's in-store repair service is competitively priced, but isn't the least expensive option available to smartphone owners. MacRumors also notes that the new in-store screen repair service is careful not to leave AppleCare+ customers out of pocket. For the extended service, iDevice users must pay an initial fee of $99 plus $49 per repair. Further anticipated changes to AppleCare include a revamped subscription-based model, and 24/7 support. We'll keep you updated with additional information on Apple's AppleCare service as it becomes available. In the meantime, see: Apple's Next iPhone Worth Its Weight In Gold?Dish Network Is Offering New Customers A Free iPad With A 24 Month Commitment, and WWDC 2013 Countdown: One More Thing Apple Should Announce June 10.

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