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Following Instagram Video, Twitter-Powered Vine Shares Drop

Following Instagram Video, Twitter-Powered Vine Shares Drop

June 28, 2013
It's bad news indeed for Vine, as the popular video sharing service has expectedly seen video shares to Twitter drop in the wake of Instagram's video-enabling update, which launched in the App Store more than one week ago. The rather unsurprising news comes from Marketing Land, who used Topsy to monitor Vine and Instagram shares to Twitter throughout June. As you can see in the resultant graph (pictured above), June 20 - Instagram video's launch date - coincided with a decrease in Vine shares, and an increase in Instagram shares. Marketing Land explains:
Vine sharing went into a nosedive on June 20, the day of Instagram’s announcement. Topsy shows there were almost 2.5 million Vine links shared on June 19, then a little more than 1.5 million on the 20th — a drop of almost 40 percent in one day. Vine sharing on Twitter has continued to drop over the week since Instagram video rolled out. Yesterday saw less than 900,000 Vine links shared on Twitter — that’s about a 70 percent drop from the nearly three million links that were shared on June 15th.
Given the choice between sharing video using Vine or Instagram, some have suggested that the Facebook-owned Instagram is indeed the better option, citing a number of different reasons including video length and in-app editing tools. Could this be why Instagram is flourishing? Here's hoping the "exciting new parts" Vine promises to add to its video sharing service are indeed impressive. If so, it could be that Instagram video will soon face more compelling competition. Which do you prefer, Vine or Instagram video? For more of today's news, see: Doctors In The UK Are Using iPads To Diagnose DementiaHear Donald Duck's Loud Quacking As You Wake Up With Disney, and Check Out Foxconn's Impressive Pebble Alternative.

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