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GifBoom Now Lets You Post Animated GIFs Via Clipboard And Web Search

GifBoom Now Lets You Post Animated GIFs Via Clipboard And Web Search

June 4, 2013
GifBoom has just made it even easier to create and share animated GIFs right from your iDevice. With the new version of GifBoom, which has just been released in the App Store, you can now post GIFs from your device's clipboard or straight from the Web. GifBoom's post menu has two new additional buttons, one for posting a GIF from clipboard and the other for posting a GIF from Web search. For the former option, you must first copy a GIF from other apps. For the latter, you just have to enter the keywords for your desired GIF, say, "cat in a shark costume chases a duck while riding a Roomba" or "Ken Cosgrove tap dance," and select one of the search results. You can then go about the usual process of editing and enhancing your GIF before sharing it with other GifBoom users and your friends. The newly updated GifBoom also includes the following improvements:
  • Support camera focus. Just tap camera screen to focus on area of interest.
  • Tap status bar to scroll to top.
  • New comments display style. Fixed issues of comments, bio or caption being truncated sometimes.
  • More aggressively clearing cache spaces.
  • Auto truncate captions when it is too long in feed.
The new version of GifBoom is available now to download in the App Store for free. The app is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 5.0 or later. GifBoom sure has come a long way. Late last April, the app received its biggest update yet. But to check out how the app fared when it was set in motion nearly two years ago, see our original AppAdvice review. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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