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How To Emulate iOS 7 Running On An iPad In Developer-Only Xcode 5

How To Emulate iOS 7 Running On An iPad In Developer-Only Xcode 5

June 16, 2013
Registered developers can now take a closer look at iOS 7 for iPad. Though Apple has yet to release iOS 7 beta 1 for the iPad or iPad mini, it's nevertheless possible to emulate Apple's forthcoming mobile operating system running on an iPad using the developer-only Xcode 5. The process is relatively simple, and involves copying a file from Xcode 4 over to Xcode 5. 9to5Mac explains:
Want to know what iOS 7 looks like on iPad? Simply copy the folder: iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/Applications/ iPad (Retina).deviceinfo to iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/Library/ PrivateFrameworks/SimulatorHost.framework/ Versions/A/Resources/Devices. Then open the iOS Simulator and select \”iPad (Retina)\” as device. Current Xcode 4 and Xcode 5 is required.
Below, we've included a gallery of screenshots showing the emulated iOS 7 running on a virtual iPad, which should give you an idea of what we can expect to see once developers get their hands on iOS 7 beta 1 for the iPad and iPad mini. [gallery] For more iOS 7 related news, see: The First iOS 7-Inspired App Updates Are Now Appearing In The App StoreApple's iOS 7 Beta 1 Attracts Interest, Now Running On 0.22 Percent Of U.S. iDevices, and Song Scrubbing Is Finally Added To The Lock Screen In iOS 7. Image credit:

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