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Instagram One-Ups Vine With Video Sharing Update

Facebook has announced a new video sharing update to the massively popular Instagram app.  The update adds video sharing features much like Twitter's Vine, including a few new features to set it apart. The Instagram update will let you switch between photo and video, lets you shoot up to 15 seconds all at once or in individual clips. They even let you delete the last clip so you're not stressed to make every frame perfect. Instagram also has 13 new video filters and the option to select your cover photo. The videos will show up in your feed and on your personal page. Will this kill Vine? Doubtful. Those who use both Instagram and Vine may lean towards Instagram only. But there are still plenty of users that don't have an Instagram account, and for them, Vine will likely continue to be their go-to option. This does make you wonder ... What will Vine's next update look like?
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