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Never Seen Before: Steve Jobs Discusses His Legacy In Rare 1994 Video

Never Seen Before: Steve Jobs Discusses His Legacy In Rare 1994 Video

June 19, 2013
In 1994, the late Apple co-founder and former chief executive officer Steve Jobs gave an interview in which he discussed the legacy of the products he created. Being the mid-'90s, this was some years before Apple started putting an "i" in front its products, and more than 10 years before Jobs would unveil the industry-changing iPhone in 2007. In 1994, of course, Steve Jobs was also still with NeXT, which Apple wouldn't purchase until 1996 in a move that brought Jobs back home to the company he originally co-founded. Nevertheless, the video does give fans a special insight into the psyche of Jobs, and perhaps goes towards explaining Apple's motivation to launch its game-changing iDevices. Indeed, Jobs' concern in the video that his life's work will soon be "obsolete" seems ironic now, given that with Apple, he went on to revolutionize the consumer electronics industry as we know it. Here's the video, see what you think:

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

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