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One Case Maker Thinks The iPad 5 Will Be Unveiled At WWDC

One Case Maker Thinks The iPad 5 Will Be Unveiled At WWDC

June 6, 2013
The general consensus is that Apple won’t be introducing any new iOS devices at WWDC 2013, which starts next week in San Francisco. But at least one accessory manufacturer is betting otherwise. Gumdrop Cases has begun to promote three new protection options for the non-existent iPad 5 on its site. The Drop Tech and Drop Tech Designer Series are designed to be rugged cases while the Bounce is targeted for rougher environments like K-12 education. The cases are not yet available to purchase. And the new cases aren’t exactly prototypes. In speaking with 9to5Mac, CEO Tim Hickman said Gumdrop has already made a staggering amount of cases so far:
As for how far along the company is into the process, Hickman tells us the company started making molds for the new iPad 5 cases several months ago and already has 15,000 cases completed with another batch preparing for production as we speak. Hickman also notes that, “business has been good to Gumdrop and we can afford to take a pretty big bet, because the pay off is massive if we are right.”
Gumdrop’s cases line up nicely with the rumored form factor of the fifth-generation tablet. The iPad will apparently take on a look similar to the iPad mini with thinner bezels and a smaller depth. The company has even posted a side-by-side comparison of what its new cases look like compared with a fourth-generation iPad case.

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