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Samsung And Android Continue To Sizzle As Apple Loses Market Share In Europe

The number of mobile smartphone shipments fell 4.2 percent in Europe during the previous quarter to 43.6 million units. During the same time, Apple saw its share of the market drop by 5 percent, according to a new IDC survey. For the quarter, Samsung devices continued to dominate taking 45 percent of the market, or a 6 percent rise. This translated into shipments of 14.3 million units, or an increase of 3.4 million. By contrast, Apple’s share of the market dropped to 25 percent with shipments totaling 6.2 million units. In third place was Sony Mobile, which saw its share rise by 4 percent to 10 percent overall. LG, and Nokia rounded out the top five. Overall, Android-based devices accounted for 21.9 million units shipped, or 69 percent of the market. This was an increase from 55 percent during the previous quarter. Apple’s iOS accounted for 25 percent. In third place was Windows Phone, which saw its share rise from 4 to 6 percent. See also: Samsung’s Smartphone Revenues Outshine Apple In The First Quarter Of 2013, and Does It Really Matter That Apple's Global Smartphone Market Share Is Dropping? Apple's market share could drop further as the release date for the next iPhone grows closer. The so-called "iPhone 5S" should arrive sometime between August and October. Via: Mobile News Online  
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