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The Amazon Instant Video App Still Doesn't Offer Full AirPlay Support

The Amazon Instant Video App Still Doesn't Offer Full AirPlay Support

June 24, 2013
Since first arriving in the App Store in July, the Amazon Instant Video app has been updated seven times. Unfortunately, none of these updates have included the feature most users want to see, full AirPlay support. Released July 27, 2012, the universal app allows Amazon Prime subscribers to stream free video content on their iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. It also serves as the vehicle where Amazon customers can watch or download their purchased or rented digital content. Unfortunately, the Amazon Instant Video app doesn't yet include AirPlay support for video. Instead, and for whatever reason, this support is limited to audio only. Because of this, the app's usefulness is limited, at best. After all, you can only get so many people around an iPad screen to watch a movie or television show. I’m fairly confident that the lack of full AirPlay support isn’t entirely Amazon’s fault. I’m pretty sure that Apple has something to do with this too, although I don’t have any proof of this. In a perfect world, both sides would come to an agreement that would bring AirPlay support to the iOS app, and a native Amazon Instant Video app to the Apple TV. Instead, neither side looks willing to give in to the other. As a result, users are the ones stuck in the middle. At least there is Roku. These devices do offer full Amazon Instant Video support. Just don’t try to stream HBO GO using a Roku streaming device if you’re a DirecTV customer. The Amazon Instant Video's latest update for iOS includes:
We’ve made it faster and easier to find the videos you want to watch, adding a dropdown menu on the homescreen providing access to dozens of movie and TV collections. We’ve also added more personalized carousels on the homescreen, and provided a new navigation bar on the browse screens allowing you to find and switch between the different TV and movie collections.
It is available to download here.

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