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Will iOS 7 Show That It’s Hip To Be Square?

With iOS 7 widely expected to be unveiled for the first time during WWDC next week in San Francisco, we’ve been informed by some app developers, of interesting changes going on in iTunes Connect. If you’re unaware, iTunes Connect is where developers upload their apps, edit descriptions, and view the download count of their titles. [caption id="attachment_424956" align="aligncenter" width="540"]For at least one developer, app icons are looking different in iTunes Connect. For at least one developer, app icons are looking different in iTunes Connect.[/caption] And as you can see, for at least one developer, app icons are now appearing in the portal with a distinct, square look. That’s a big change from the current app icons in iOS 6 that sport soft, rounded edges. While it could possibly just be a bug within iTunes Connect that is preventing the entire app icon from being shown on the screen, it might also be an accidental preview of the “flat” design in iOS 7. The new version of the operating system has been a closely guarded secret, and not much information has been released. A purported image of the iOS 7 home screen was leaked on Monday. But in that image, the app icons retain rounded edges while offering a less skeuomorphic look. Thanks to reader Andrea for the tip and image! Here’s some more recent iOS 7 news: Is The Currently Mac-Only AirDrop File-Sharing Tool Getting Dropped Onto iOS 7?, An Apple Ad Exchange Could Mean More Ads In Next Versions Of iOS And OS X, and Apple CEO Tim Cook Confirms Jony Ive's Design Influence On iOS 7.
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