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Could 2013: Infected Wars Soon Be One Of The Best Horror Shooters For iOS?

Could 2013: Infected Wars Soon Be One Of The Best Horror Shooters For iOS?

July 21, 2013
One forthcoming addition to the App Store, 2013: Infected Wars, offers iDevice owners an Unreal Engine 3-powered "horror shooter" gaming experience. From what we understand, 2013: Infected Wars situates gamers in a post-apocalyptic environment destroyed by a deathly virus. With humanity on the verge of extinction, "players fill the role of a mercenary salvaging what little supplies and equipment he can for the few people left alive in a world gone mad," Action Mobile Games explains in a press release. "The player is sent deep inside the red zone to follow the trail of missing Alpha Team and this is where the immersive open environments of the game world really start to shine." The press release continues:
During each mission of the game players’ tactical skills are progressively challenged requiring them to master weapons modeled after real world equivalents and defeat epic bosses.  Action Mobile Games uses Epic’s cutting-edge Unreal 3 game engine for the iOS to craft jaw-dropping visuals of real world environments and modern weapons.  Very few game development studios have the experience or knowledge to bring this level of gaming sophistication to the App Store. Creating detailed environments isn’t the only thing Action Mobile Games paid attention to.  Players will have to overcome a wide variety of infected.  From masses of infected zombies, to wolves more vicious than a rabid tiger, all the way to epic boss battles with two story giants.  Boasting unique AI and attack moves more reminiscent of the console or pc market than what you see in mobile games.  Players are in store for the most challenging shooter in the App Store.
What's more, Action Mobile Games includes a full co-op multiplayer mode in 2013: Infected Wars, which allows gamers to join forces with a friend and to complete the app's campaign side-by-side. Action Mobile Games has told us that 2013: Infected Wars is presently pending review with the App Store approval team, and should launch for iDevices soon. Once available, the game will be optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Below, we've included a gameplay video of 2013: Infected Wars. Check back with us, because we'll be posting once the anticipated application becomes available.

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

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