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Five Ways Apple Can Make The ‘iWatch’ A Success

Five Ways Apple Can Make The ‘iWatch’ A Success

July 2, 2013
A few weeks ago, I went through my rather large collection of wristwatches to see which ones needed batteries. I quickly realized that it had been ages since I wore any of them. I rarely wear a wristwatch anymore. When I do, it is usually for a formal occasion such as a wedding. Instead, my iPhone has become my timepiece of choice. You know where this is heading. There are boatloads of rumors that suggest Apple is about to release an “iWatch.” In some respects, this sounds like the stupidest idea since iTunes Ping. However, it just might work – if Apple does it right.

Wireless sync

I was an early proponent of UP, the exercise and sleep tracker by Jawbone. A few weeks ago, I switched to the Fitbit Flex. Unlike the UP, the Flex provides wireless syncing to the desktop and iPhone. That reason alone is why I switched. The iWatch needs to sync to iOS devices wirelessly. Otherwise, it could prove too cumbersome for many users.

This isn’t an iPhone

With that being said, the iWatch also needs to be able to stand on its own. No doubt, the iWatch will include features that are enhanced by connecting it to the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. However, this shouldn’t be a requirement. Like current iOS devices, the iWatch should be able to download its own music, apps, or games. In other words, it should include its very own iTunes and App Store.

Don’t forget your audience

Apple needs to remember that not everyone carries the Y chromosome, or wants to wear what most would consider a bulky watch. Therefore, the iWatch should be designed to appeal to both sexes.

The Right Price

The iWatch needs to be priced right. The sweet spot seems to me to be around $99 so that it can be an impulse buy.

Why we need it 

Finally, we end where we began. Apple needs to remind us that wristwatches are part of our past, present, and future, despite us living in the smartphone age. The first ad Apple produced for the iPhone featured movie clips of celebrities using a phone. To me, this showed that since everyone uses a phone, everyone needed an iPhone. Apple needs to do the same when it introduces the world to the iWatch.

What I imagine is a series of ads that show everyday people checking the time, whether on a watch, smartphone, or Times Square billboard. The slogan: It’s Time. What will convince you to buy an iWatch? See also: Maybe iOS 7's Icons Have a Bigger Purpose Than We Thought, and Apple's iWatch Could Be Incoming As The Company Files For Another Trademark. Photo: Apple iWatch Concept by Esben Oxholm

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