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Gentlemen! The Time Has Come For A 19th Century Duel

Gentlemen! The Time Has Come For A 19th Century Duel

July 17, 2013
Gentlemen! is a new game now available for the iPad. It is described as a “frantic two player Victorian-themed deathmatch.” The $4.99 game features plenty of tools to settle “your grievances.” These include knives, bombs, and even deadly homing pigeons. The game also includes a unique soundtrack and multiple game modes. Take a look:

Gentlemen! is the creation of U.K.-based Lucky Frame. Other iOS game titles from the developer include Mujik, Pug Synth, and Bad Hotel, among others. This game looks promising. However, I'm not quite sure $4.99 is the right price. It sounds a little bit high in my opinion. Perhaps the folks at Lucky Frame will lower the price, at least temporarily very soon. Otherwise, it may get lost in the App Store. To download Gentlemen! click here, and the let the dueling begin! For other new and recently updated apps, see: You Can Now Play As A Conquistador, Footballer Or Explorer In Temple Run 2Headed to Comic-Con? This Star Stalker Game Will Keep You Occupied While In Line, and Keep Your Kids Entertained With These iPhone Apps. [gallery]

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