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One Day Later, Apple Closes That GBA Emulator Loophole

One Day Later, Apple Closes That GBA Emulator Loophole

July 18, 2013
It's bad news for those of you hoping to install a GBA emulator on an iDevice, jailbreak-free. Though a loophole in Apple's Enterprise Program recently made it possible for users to install a Game Boy Advance emulator over-the-air using MacBuildServer, Apple has (unsurprisingly) put an end to our Pokémon and Super Mario Bros. fun, and the emulator, "GBA4iOS," is now no more. Specifically, Cupertino has put a stop to MacBuildServer's practices, and the service, which had made it possible to install GBA4iOS on non-jailbroken iDevices, can now only be accessed by registrants of Apple's $99/year Developer Program. MacBuildServer explains:
Yesterday someone from Apple called to Serge, our founder and noticed, that enterprise certificate registered on our company was been used violating Apple’s agreements. We was waiting for the moment for too long, and it came. It’s a pity, that since now our service could be used by participants of Apple Developers Program only.
Nintendo has no desire to publish on Apple's mobile operating system (for fear, most likely, that such a move would further direct potential DS gamers towards the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch), and as such the Cydia Store remains the only place where GBA emulators can be downloaded and installed on an iDevice. We'll let you know if the situation changes. In the meantime, check out some of the more "official" titles available to play on an iDevice: Are You Fast And Furious Enough To Win The First Sonic Dash Global Challenge?Get Social And Get Decorating In The New Version Of The Sims FreePlay, and Run, Jump And Gobble Up Ghosts In Pac-Man-Dash, Out Now On iOS.

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