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Suspected iPhone Thief In Virginia Leaves His Samsung Galaxy Behind

Suspected iPhone Thief In Virginia Leaves His Samsung Galaxy Behind

July 12, 2013
Wow, a stupid criminal in Virginia really wanted to upgrade to an iPhone. According to the Washington Post, authorities in Fairfax County, Virginia recently arrested 25-year-old Travis Montgomery Snyder on suspicion of burglarizing a local cell phone store in February. And Snyder didn’t exactly make it tough for law enforcement to track him down. Along with surveillance footage that showed a man matching his description inside the store, he accidentally left his own Samsung Galaxy at the crime scene:
Police were called to scene Feb. 19 for a report of an alarm. When they arrived, they found a smashed glass display case and missing iPhones, according to a search warrant. Snyder’s phone was found inside the front door of the store, under broken glass.
I guess Samsung’s latest commercial didn’t exactly persuade Snyder to stick with the company. For more news today, see: Report: Apple Could Eventually Be Building Its Own iOS Device Chips, No iPad mini With Retina Display Until 2014, Best Buy Is Offering At Least $200 For Old iPads This Weekend Only, and Apple's Newsstand Now Includes A Try Before You Buy Option For Select Titles.

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