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Swift Revenge Could Soon Be One Of The Best Vertical Scrollers In The App Store

Swift Revenge Could Soon Be One Of The Best Vertical Scrollers In The App Store

July 4, 2013
One forthcoming game called Swift Revenge could prove to be one of the best vertical scrollers available in the App Store, once the application is released later this year. Featuring a genre mash-up in which sci-fi, western, medieval, and more are moulded together within one "deep philosophical plot," Swift Revenge will launch in August 2013 for $0.99, and will be optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Below, we've included a video trailer of Swift Revenge, which should give you an idea of what can be expected once the game becomes available. According to its developer, the app will feature "insane vertical-scrolling levels packed with fiendish enemies, fearsome bosses and ingenious obstacles." Spaceship Apps explains:
As feathered hero Swift, quest through space and time to defeat the evil megalomaniac, Doctor Crow! Unlock super skills and powerful weaponry to overcome addictive new challenges on every fast-action stage!
Features of the game, as outlined in a recent press release, include:
  • Stunning Themed Worlds – Each challenging new level features new enemies, new weapons, new challenges, new everything!
  • Devastating Weaponry – Each new weapon has new abilities and tactics. Want to blast through obstacles with a shotgun? No problem! How about overcoming enemies with a laser saber? Here you go!
  • Dress to Impress – Did we mention there are tons of cool costumes you can unlock to make Swift look even more awesome?
  • Epic Boss Battles – Every boss battle is unique, testing your reflexes and skills plus new abilities you’ve gained through each new world!
  • A Story to Remember – Do you want an epic story with deep characters and plot twists? Well, Swift Revenge offers a bunch of crazy animals, madcap weapons and hilarious dialogue.
  • Portrait AND Landscape! – One perspective isn’t enough for a legendary hero like Swift. Rotate your phone and prepare for warp-speed!
  • Compete and Compare – Race friends to achieve the highest Game Center leaderboard position for each world, and for all worlds combined!
  • Prove Your Skill Level – Swift Revenge is really easy to learn, but gosh, is it hard to master! Feel your thumb muscles getting stronger and stronger as you progress further and further in the game!
Here's hoping Swift Revenge doesn't disappoint. Check out the video trailer below, and see what you think of the forthcoming game.

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

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