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Where In The World Is Apple's Tim Cook? China, Of Course

Where In The World Is Apple's Tim Cook? China, Of Course

July 30, 2013
Looking for more proof that Apple is about to launch a low cost iPhone? Take a look at Tim Cook’s itinerary this week. is reporting that discussions have just ended between the Apple CEO and China Telecom. The publication notes that the “secret” talks likely focused on leveling iPhone sales for the July quarter, as well as the possible launch of a “new generation” iPhone. According to the report:
Some industry analysts believe that Cook's visit to China, its main purpose is to further tighten and partnerships between operators, Apple is currently in China to reverse the decline in performance situations.
Apple’s partners in the world’s most populous nation include China Telecom and China Unicom. China Mobile, the world’s largest cellular provider, could start selling Apple products with the arrival of the long-rumored budget iPhone. Cook has often said that he sees China as a huge opportunity for Apple. As a result, Apple plans to double the number of retail stores in China over the next two years. For more information, see: Apple And China Mobile Are Getting Closer To An iPhone Deal, and Following Two Incidents, Apple Posts A Charger Advisory Note In China.

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