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Add Additional Features To Your Pebble Smart Watch With Smartwatch Pro

Add Additional Features To Your Pebble Smart Watch With Smartwatch Pro

August 7, 2013
Smartwatch Pro for Pebble is a brand new iPhone app that adds a number of useful features to the Pebble smart watch. Once installed and synced with one's Pebble, users will find that Smartwatch Pro makes it possible to access Calendar app events (and alarms) on the smart watch, and to read Twitter updates at the wrist. What's more, using Smartwatch Pro iDevice owners can also adjust the volume levels of an iPhone, check its battery life, and activate a Find My iPhone-style alarm in order to locate the handset if it's been misplaced. To recap, here's a list of features added by Smartwatch Pro:
  • Calendar events + alarms
  • Twitter timeline
  • Volume control
  • Phone battery status
  • Find My Phone
Remember, however, that the application requires Pebble Smartwatch - the official Pebble iOS app - to be installed on one's iPhone or iPod touch first. Smartwatch Pro for Pebble can be downloaded in the App Store for $2.99, and as mentioned the application is optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch. Check out the new app now, or for more Pebble related news, see: Heartbeats Introduces Your Bluetooth Heart Monitor To A Pebble Smart WatchKickstarter: Hot Watch Takes Aim At Pebble, iWatch And More, and You've Got Mail: Pebble Smartwatch App Now Supports Incoming Email Notifications.

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