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Apple Continues Preparations For The App Store's New Kids Category In iOS 7

Originally announced back at the WWDC keynote earlier this summer, Apple is preparing for the new Kids category in the iOS 7 App Store by enlisting the help of developers. In an email, Apple is asking anyone whose app is designed for kids 11 and under to select an age range for the title on the iTunes connect site. The ranges are:
• Ages 5 & under • Ages 6–8 • Ages 9–11
Only one age range can be selected for each app. Apps approved for the new Kids section will still have a primary and secondary category. If a developer already has an existing Kids app in the store, they can submit an update of a new version of their app to appear in the category. Also, after iOS 7 is officially released to the public, sometime after the introduction of the iPhone 5S on Sept. 10, the pictured Kids subcategory for games will no longer be displayed in the App Store. As a parent, I’m thrilled to see Apple finally take the time to create the new category. While the current listings are sometimes helpful, putting all of the appropriate apps together in one section will make it much easier for parents to find that perfect title for their children.
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