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AppleCare Staff Started Receiving Training On Apple's iOS 7, iTunes Radio Today

AppleCare Staff Started Receiving Training On Apple's iOS 7, iTunes Radio Today

August 29, 2013
AppleCare employees started receiving training relating to Apple's next-generation software - and namely iOS 7 and iTunes Radio - today, according to 9to5Mac. Citing information said to have been provided by AppleCare employees, the website claims that all of Apple's iOS 7 and iTunes Radio related training must be completed by the second week in September. As such, it would appear that the company's anticipated Sept. 10 event, at which Apple is expected to unveil its next-generation iPhones and to announce details regarding the release of iOS 7, could indeed become a reality. The website adds, however, that Apple's training extends beyond iOS 7 alone:
Other features that AppleCare will heavily push and become knowledgable about include the new iCloud Photo Sharing options, the redesigned Camera app,  the more feature-rich Safari browser, Control Center, and AirDrop file-sharing. AppleCare employees will also be trained on the new iTunes Radio streaming music service, and employees have been told concrete information regarding skips and in-app advertising. According to the AppleCare training, there are more than “200 genre based stations” to choose from. Additionally, as users have already discovered, iTunes Radio allows users to skip 6 songs each hour per station. Additionally, it seems that iTunes Match subscribers, in addition to receiving an ad-free experience, will be granted unlimited skipping abilities.
Given the large number of changes made in iOS 7, along with the launch of iTunes Radio, Apple is anticipating that its AppleCare support is set to receive a large number of calls following its rumored Sept. 10 event. As a reminder, iOS 7 offers a redesigned mobile operating system for iDevices while adding a large number of new features; iTunes Radio provides consumers with a one-stop Internet radio service set to rival the likes of Pandora. It's likely that Apple will release iOS 7 to the general public in the week - or weeks - following its iPhone event. Though of course, we'll know nothing for sure until Apple makes the official announcement. We'll keep you updated with further information as we receive it. In the meantime, see: If You’re Using An iOS 7 Beta, This Message Is For YouWaiting For Apple To Announce Its iPhone Event, and AppleCare+ Set For Europe Launch, Priced At Under €100?.

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