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Cydia Tweak: MessageRenamer Allows You To Change The Name Of Any Conversation

Cydia Tweak: MessageRenamer Allows You To Change The Name Of Any Conversation

August 14, 2013
An interesting Cydia tweak has been released allowing you to rename any conversation within the Messages app. Aptly named MessageRenamer, this new tweak will rename any conversation to whatever you’d like. Once installed, launch the Messages app, then tap and hold on a conversation in the list. A small menu will appear and allow you to rename or reset it. If you choose “Rename,” the tweak will allow you to enter a new name via a pop up alert. Check out our video overview below:

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

In my opinion, one of the benefits of MessageRenamer is the ability to make group conversations easier to spot. For example, if you’re chatting with a few friends about a surprise party, you could rename the conversation “Surprise Party.” This way it’s easier to find in your list of messages. It's important to note that MessageRenamer will only change the name of a message within the Messages list. Once you open the message, its original name will be present on the title bar. While MessageRenamer is a very simple tweak, I think it’s very handy to have installed. If you’ve ever needed to camouflage an iMessage or SMS, this tweak may be the solution. Currently, MessageRenamer is available in the BigBoss repository for free. For other Cydia tweaks, check out: CocoaNuts’ Celeste Sequel Is Set To Launch Soon For iOS 6, VideoPane Offers Picture-In-Picture Video For iOS, How To See The Size Of An App Before Deleting It.

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