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Cydia Tweak: VideoPane Offers Picture-In-Picture Video For iOS

Cydia Tweak: VideoPane Offers Picture-In-Picture Video For iOS

August 9, 2013
Ryan Petrich's VideoPane (which we told you about last week) has launched in the Cydia Store, and can be downloaded for $1.99 via the BigBoss repository. As we noted originally, VideoPane offers jailbreakers picture-in-picture video for iOS. This means that while watching a video in the YouTube app, for example, or in Safari, users of the jailbreak tweak can detach the video from its application and watch it in a pop-up display while browsing through the Home screen, or through another iOS app. You can detach video either using a preconfigured Activator action, or VideoPane will prompt users when a video is played. Once detached, jailbreakers then have the option of moving their pop-up video around, resizing it, or adjusting its transparency. It's also possible to pause the video, to "scrub" through it, and to close the video once you've finished viewing it. Check out the below video walkthrough, which offers a closer look at VideoPane:

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

As mentioned, VideoPane can be downloaded in the Cydia Store for $1.99, via the BigBoss repository.

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