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Distil Union Unveils The Wally Case For The iPhone 5

Distil Union Unveils The Wally Case For The iPhone 5

August 12, 2013
Unique iPhone accessory manufacturer Distil Union has just unveiled a Kickstarter project for its latest creation – the Wally Case. We’ve previously featured the Wally from the company. But that accessory just stuck to the back of the iPhone and didn’t provide any other protection. As the name suggests, the new accessory combines the leather wallet with a snap-on case:
“Think of Wally Case as the original Wally’s protective big brother,” explained Nate Justiss, industrial designer at Distil Union. “Wally Case comes from the same family and premium materials, but is sized perfectly to shelter your iPhone 5 with its added protection.”
Here’s a quick video that shows the case in action. Click here if you can’t see it. Made with a combination of solid polycarboate and premium Argentinean leather, the case should be comfortable to hold and will wear beautifully over time. With 34 days left to go, the project’s funding goal is $15,000. For $40, you can snag a Wally Case in one of three color combinations. The estimated delivery date is in October. Shipping is free for Kickstarter backers in the United States and is $10 to other countries. After the Kickstarter project is complete, the case will retail for $49.99. If you're interested in just the Wally, it can be ordered now directly through Distil Union's site for $39.99. It comes in either black or brown.

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