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Get Turbo-Charged By Gliding And Smashing Harebrained Enemies In Run Sheldon!

Get Turbo-Charged By Gliding And Smashing Harebrained Enemies In Run Sheldon!

August 8, 2013
Run Sheldon!, the exciting endless running game that harks back to the fable of the tortoise and the hare, has just received a new update. And this new update may very well be the game's biggest update yet. For one thing, the update introduces a new, grand canyon environment called Desert Hills. For another, it introduces new controls that will have you gliding and smashing your leporine enemies in no time. Just tap to jump and hold to glide and let gravity do its thing as you prepare to hit an oncoming hare right in the face. As it happens, smashing enemies fills up the new turbo bar. Note that a full turbo bar protects you from a hit. Alternatively, you can swipe right to exhaust it for an instant turbo boost. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. The new Run Sheldon! update also adds a new clothing section for customizing the title character's look. As well, it delivers the following enhancements:
  • New character: The Mole will exchange your levels for coins.
  • New transition! Magical hollow logs stuffed with coins.
  • Featuring 400+ challenges (That should keep you busy.)
  • 100+ levels with awesome rewards
  • More social features
  • General enhanced graphics (We won’t bore you with the details.)
The new version of Run Sheldon! is available now in the App Store for free. The game is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 6.0 or later. Released last April, Run Sheldon! was praised by our very own Christine, who concluded her review of the game here on AppAdvice thus: "I highly recommend giving Run Sheldon! a try. It’s addictive, challenging, and has a bit more depth than your other standard endless runner games. Plus, how could you resist a game that takes a classic story and turns it into something modern?" [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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