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More Images Of The iPad 5 Appear Online: Same Retina Display, But Thinner Bezel

More Images Of The iPad 5 Appear Online: Same Retina Display, But Thinner Bezel

August 9, 2013
One repair firm in Australia, Macfixit, claims to have a genuine front panel and digitizer for Apple's fifth-generation iPad (pictured above), and based on the part the firm is able to offer a number of iPad 5-based predictions. Their unnamed supplier "claims" that Macfixit is in possession of the iPad 5 front panel and digitizer, which features a thinner, iPad mini-like bezel, and a display area similar to that of the fourth-generation 9.7-inch tablet. As such, this suggests that while the iPad 5 could feature a thinner outer-edge, its Retina display will nevertheless remain unaltered. Macfixit includes a number of further observations concerning the part:
  • The ITO (Indium tin oxide) is the same as the iPad mini.
  • There is now 2 connectors instead of 1.
  • The connectors have been changed from FFC (Flat Flexible Cable, like the iPad 2/3/4) to FPC (Flexible Printed Circuits, like the iPhone 4/5).
Finally, imprinted on the front panel is the code "821-1892-02," which is similar to the format used by Apple on countless iDevice parts. Of course, it's impossible for us to verify Macfixit's find, though the images (more of which are included below) appear convincing. It's unlikely that Apple will change the screen size or resolution of its 9.7-inch iPad - at least for the time being - while a thinner bezel, on the other hand, seems like a natural alteration. Do remember, however, that we'll know nothing concerning Apple's iPad 5 for sure until the company announces the new product on stage later this year. [gallery] See also: Rise And Shine: The Gorgeous Rise Alarm Clock Is Apple's Free App Of The WeekPresident Obama Meets With Apple CEO Tim Cook Over Government Surveillance, and Roku For iOS Gets Another AirPlay-Like Feature In The Form Of Video Streaming.

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