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Wax Your Intergalactic Surfboards For Time Surfer's First Major Update

Wax Your Intergalactic Surfboards For Time Surfer's First Major Update

August 29, 2013
The former AppAdvice Game of the Week title holder Time Surfer has just ridden a wave toward its first ever major update. Released last January, Time Surfer is a psychedelic endless running game that basically takes the gameplay of Tiny Wings and adds a short-term time-traveling twist to it. As my colleague Christine noted in her review of the game here on AppAdvice, "The gameplay takes a core concept and improves on it, and it also has amazing visuals and music. It’s also very addictive — once you get going, you’ll have a hard time putting it down." Time Surfer received its first update in mid-April. But that update brought little beyond new pets, sound improvements, and game balancing tweaks. This time, Time Surfer has received its first major update in the form of its second overall update. And with this update comes a brand new mode called "The Kepler Run":
It’s a surreal flight through a galaxy swamped with black holes: it’s a taller zone and the ground slowly disappears over the course of your flight. Use those black holes to slingshot yourself but don’t get caught in the middle of them!
If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. The update also effectively endows costumes with unique perks, including speed improvements, time or magnet bonuses, faster curve diving, and constant time regeneration. What's more, some costumes can now be combined with some pets to unlock special power-ups. For instance, Axolotl combined with Bean yields Ultra Speed Boost. And still on the subject of costumes, the update happens to add three of those: Neon Surfer, Pirate Surfer, and Snailien. Furthermore, the update introduces a new summary screen that displays your high score progress and rewards you with bonus cakes for collecting time gems. Also including some bug fixes and usability improvements, the new version of Time Surfer is out now in the App Store. Originally priced at $0.99, the game is now available for free. Time Surfer is developed by Kumobius, the same studio behind the award-winning iOS platformer Bean's Quest. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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