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Apple's Gold iPhone 5s Handset Fetches Huge Prices On eBay

Prices for Apple's gold iPhone 5s on the secondary market are rocketing. In fact, one eBay user just paid more than $10,000 for an unlocked 16GB gold iPhone 5s. The news comes from Business Insider, who draws our attention to the winning eBay bid of $10,100 for the aforementioned champagne-colored handset. Though this appears to be an extreme case of gold iPhone 5s price inflation, other eBay listings are offering the smartphones for over $4,000, and on the Chinese gray market gold iPhones are costing twice the retail price (at $1,634). [caption id="attachment_466990" align="aligncenter" width="642"] eBay.[/caption] On Friday, gold iPhone 5s handsets in the United States were in short supply, with reports indicating that Apple's flagship store in San Francisco, Calif., only had 20 of the coveted models on launch day. Other locations had none, Business Insider adds. That being said, production of the gold iPhone 5s was promptly increased over the weekend, and with most Apple Online Store orders offering dispatch dates of October, it isn't going to be long until the gold smartphones become something of a not-so-uncommon appearance. As such, paying $10,100 for a handset that'll set you back just $199 on contract in a month or so isn't advised. For a lesser price, you could indeed pick up an iPhone 5s handset made of real gold, as Business Insider concludes. See also: At Bat Scores Major Update For iOS 7 And This Year's PostseasonNo Half Measures: Apple Decides To Refund "Breaking Bad" iTunes Season Passes, and Mailbox Update Fixes Account Reset Issue Likely Due To iOS 7's Background App Refresh.
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