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Be The Architect And Master Of Your Own Dungeon In Kickstarter-Supported DAM

Be The Architect And Master Of Your Own Dungeon In Kickstarter-Supported DAM

September 14, 2013
There are plenty of dungeon crawlers in the App Store, but what about dungeon builders? Well, one Kickstarter project is looking for CAD$20,000 in order to bring such an app, called DAM - Dungeon Architect Master, to our iDevices. In the proposed iOS game, iDevice users will be able to build up a dungeon of their own using a variety of materials. Dungeon Architect Master also encourages builders to properly protect their lair using traps (such as wall spikes), and to make the dungeon more homely through the addition of carpets, textiles, and even bookcases. From here, gamers can then invite friends to explore their dungeon, and in turn they can take a break from their own work and call in on other dungeon architects, presumably using Game Center. As outlined at the application's Kickstarter Web page, proposed features include:
  • Complete editor to build your own dungeons for you and others to play.
  • A full dungeon crawl experience and campaign with 8 chapters.
  • Random generated and player made dungeons with online sharing system.
  • Unique skill creation system, based off item acquisition and crafting.
  • Protect your dungeon from mobs with traps and puzzles while you go plunder dungeons on your own.
  • Unique character leveling/ability system that has a synergy with the dungeon you build.
  • No cutesy bubbly creatures… a dark and moody dungeon and creatures that follow traditional roots.
  • Build it your way character creation with male and female avatars. You make the classes and play the character the way you want.
  • A dungeon crawl experience for the hardcore and casual gamer.
  • See all items you equip. Helms, chest, pants, boots and weapons are all visible based off what you equip in game as well as in the inventory screen. As well as a system for dyeing the armor.
It's an interesting and exciting project that can be backed from as little as CAD$1 - and this secures backers a copy of the game, too, should the project reach its funding goal of CAD$20,000. So far, DAM - Dungeon Architect Master has something of a mountain to climb in this respect, having only secured CAD$748 (as of this writing). Head over to the app's Kickstarter Web page, and if you're as interested as we are pledge CAD$1 - or more - now. See also: First Trailer For Riddick: The Merc Files Hits The WebToday's Apps Gone Free: Interlocked, Zitrr Camera, Ask Me! Colors And Shapes And More, and Rhonna Designs Updated With Undo/Redo Support Plus Mirror And Rotation Controls.

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