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Buying An iPhone 5s Becomes Nearly Impossible As Supplies Begin To Dry Up

Apple is no longer offering in-store pickups for the iPhone 5s. The change is likely due to “still steady demand” for Apple’s flagship handset, according to AppleInsider. Prior to this change, you could buy an iPhone 5s online and then pick it up at an Apple retail store in as little as one hour. This option is no longer available for any iPhone 5s color or configuration. The same can’t be said for the iPhone 5c, where the “available for pickup” option remains in place for most models. Online orders for the iPhone 5s aren’t available to ship until October. All iPhone 5c models ship “within 24 hours.” Apple sold 9 million iPhones during the first 72 hours of release. Since then, the gold colored iPhone 5s has become the most sought after. The most popular iPhone 5c model is the one in pink, according to one recent survey.
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