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Pretty In Pink: The Most Popular iPhone 5c Models Are Unveiled

We already know that the most sought after iPhone 5s model is the one in gold. What you might not have known is that the most popular iPhone 5c is the pink model. In fact, this model accounted for nearly half of all iPhone 5c sales during the first weekend of release, according to iPhoneStockChecker, a United Kingdom-based website. According to the report, 46 percent of new iPhone 5c purchases were for the pink model. The blue model followed with 32 percent. Green took third place with 12 percent of all handsets sold. White (9 percent) and yellow (1 percent) followed. The same survey notes that more than 90 percent of early iPhone 5c sales have been for the 16GB model, versus 10 percent for the 32GB option. [caption id="attachment_467192" align="aligncenter" width="686"]The pink iPhone 5c takes the lead The pink iPhone 5c takes the lead[/caption] These numbers offer only a snapshot of what type of iPhone 5c models people are selecting. However, they are missing some key data. For one, the survey only looks at sales in the U.K. market. For another, the color choices made during the first three days of release could have been highly influenced by supply, or lack thereof. Nonetheless, it’s nice to see that the gold iPhone 5s isn’t Apple’s only handset model being shown some love. Say what you want about the pink iPhone 5c; at least these folks can say they have their phones in hand. Most gold iPhones 5s buyers won’t be able to say the same until October. Unless they spend upwards of $10,000 on eBay, of course. What is your favorite iPhone 5s and/or iPhone 5c color? See also: Apple Announces Its First Weekend iPhone Sales: Best Launch To DateApple Airs New iPhone 5c TV Ad During Emmys Telecast, Posts Keynote To YouTube, and Apple's iPhone 5s Is 3 Times More Popular Than The iPhone 5c.
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